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Happy Pup Pet Services offers personalized, professional, and reliable pet sitting services to the Central Phoenix area for pets of all kinds. Our mission is to keep your pets HAPPY and SAFE while you are away, so you Come Home to a Happy Pup!

Why choose a Professional Pet Sitter?

  • Is your pet alone during the day?

  • Does your pet get bored?

  • Does your pet have a lot of energy they need to burn?

  • Does your pet need a potty break?

  • Does your pet bark when you are away?

  • Does your pet get nervous in new places, with new animals, and/or new sounds?

  • Does your pet have food allergies or time sensitive medications?

  • Does your pet like to snuggle at night?

  • Does your pet like their daily routine?

  • Is your pet most comfortable at home?

  • Don’t you deserve the security and reassurance of a fully insured and bonded pet sitter?

Happy Pup Pet Services will provide dedicated time to your pet! Whether cuddling, playing, walking, training, getting belly rubs, or snuggling your pet will feel important and special!

We will take the time to get to know your pet and provide personalized care: maintaining your pet’s current routine, spending time doing their favorite things, ensuring their safety and security, and providing you peace of mind that your pet and home are taken care of.

What Are People Saying About Happy Pup Pet Services?

“Reliable and professional care!”

From: B&DW 8/6/2019

“Andrea is responsible, trustworthy, and has a great love and understanding of dogs.”

From: S&WG 7/7/2019

“Great communication, commitment to the job, and love for animals.”

From: HP 6/30/2019

“It was great to have peace of mind that the dogs were taken care of/cared for when we were away.”

From: MR 7/18/2018

“Andrea, we are so grateful for the love and care you provided while we were on vacation. Thank you for the peace of mind.”

From: B&SM 7/10/2018

“Andrea is wonderful! She is reliable and trustworthy and works with our schedule. Our boy loves her and looks forward to seeing her. Highly recommend!”

From: AK 4/4/2018

“We appreciate your friendly, reliable service and dedication to our dog.”

From: EC 12/26/17

“You treat our animals like they’re your own and we never worry about them in your care.”

From: CR 12/22/17

“Andrea has been more than wonderful in helping me take care of Sunny when I work. She is incredibly loyal, reliable, responsive, flexible. I look forward to the report cards when I get home to know what went on while I was gone. I am so incredibly thankful I got connected with her, she deserves all the credit for my sweet happy pup!”

From: HD 11/7/17

“Andrea was amazing with our fur babies! She sent us pics everyday of them and they were smiling!!! They never smile when we are gone.”

From: S&KM 9/19/17

“Trustworthy – with dogs and house. Did what was asked!”

From: KB 9/6/17

“I felt comfortable that my doggy was in good hands while I was away.”

From: KC 8/8/2017

“Best sitter we have ever had. Dogs loved her. All the plants survived!”

From: RH 6/28/2017

“Service was very professional and the pets were happy upon our return home.”

From: RP 6/8/2017

“Andrea was responsive to all of my texts and emails. We didn’t have a single worry about the care and safety of our pets once she arrived and sent us a picture text of the two of them. The ease and stress free feeling of going away for a few days was perfect! Highly recommended!”

From: LT 5/5/2017

“We love Happy Pup. They are the only ones that we trust with our pets.”

From: TH 1/29/2017

“You are very attentive, you kept me updated, you were available when there was an issue. I came back to a clean house and a happy, well-cared for dog.”

From: CB 12/20/16

“My pups and home were both like I never left. They were happy when I returned, as if nothing changed.”

From: AG 11/12/16

“Andrea stayed at our house and took excellent care of both our personal Boxer and our foster Boxer. She sent us daily updates and pictures. We came home to healthy happy wiggly pups. Infinitely better than having to board the dogs at a facility where you don’t know what kind of care they are receiving.”

From: DG 8/25/16

 “Andrea, you are so professional and caring. I didn’t worry for one moment about my crew being cared for and I came home to a neat home and smiling doggies.” 

From: JB 5/30/16